Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hasta la vista

So, the problem with my iPod, that it wouldn’t sync, was the impetus to get me into the Apple store with my computer - which turned out to be a good thing, since my hard drive was failing and could have died at any moment. Which would have been supremely bad. But really, the key thing was the IPOD – so when I picked up my repaired computer and brought it home, of course the first thing I checked was whether the iPod would sync. Wha..?? Nada?? NOT a good day in TashaWorld when I realized this.

Today I had an appointment with the Apple store people yet again, then, this time for them to check out the iPod. Because in the meantime, I had tried everything known to man to see if I could get it to be recognized by my computer, from resetting it, to this to that to talking to the Apple support person for about 2 hours the other day. And while she did get my camera to show up on my computer, no luck with the iPod. I thus concluded it was the iPod, not the computer.

I go in and have my appointment with “Paul,” as he claimed to be, who took my iPod and trotted off to test it out. And returned to tell me that it was working fine, popped up on his computer, no problem. But, but......

Me, wailing: “I’ve tried everything!”
“Paul”: You should try re-installing the operating syst....
Me: NO! I can’t reinstall everything! I won’t! It was just put on there, anyway, the operating system.
“Paul”: When was that?
Me: Just a WEEK ago.
“Paul”: Well, quite honestly then, I’m at a loss – not sure what else you can try. It’s a mystery to me – though it’s probably not the cord – 95% of the time that doesn’t have a problem.
Me: I don’t think you understand the gravity of this situation. Let me explain: if I have to listen to Dancing Queen one more time on shuffle, I will LOSE MY MIND.
“Paul”: Well, I don....
Me, firmly: Really.
“Paul”, helplessly: I’m sorry...
Me, dejected: Will you at least maybe try out my cord? I brought it with me.
“Paul”: Sure. Hmm, it’s a third party cord.
Me: Yeah, I know. I couldn’t find mine so I got this one.

He plugs it in, and we stare at his computer, which does....nothing. Absolutely nothing. No iPod finding. So after all that, all those hours, all that torturous’s the damn cord. I should be upset that the BRAND NEW CORD I bought was a complete POS, but I’m so happy that we’ve figured this out that I’m practically dancing with glee. New music on my 7-hour rides, whee!!

“Paul”: At least this is an easy problem to solve!
Me, grinning with delight, thinking happy thoughts toward Apple and maybe the world: Absolutely! You have no idea how happy I am. If I had to listen to the same damn songs one more time, I was going to shoot myself.

The guy standing next to us chuckles at that. Can probably relate. And to top off this cup brimming over with joy, they also have the doodads that cover the end of my earbuds (or as I put it when I asked “Paul”: “For my earphones, do you sell those fluffy things?” – luckily, this man of great wisdom knew exactly what I was talking about) so my delicate inner ears don’t get crushed. If this wasn’t the definition of a perfect day, I just don’t know what is.

I get home and trot over to my computer, new goodies in hand. Plug the iPod in, wait in anticipation......SCORE!! It works! Next item on the agenda: goodbye Dancing Queen, we hardly knew ye. No, actually, we knew you too damn much, so good riddance. I wonder how my iPod will try to torture me now? I guess I’ll find out this weekend. Camping and biking in the hills of southwestern Wisconsin. In the rain. Another recipe for success for Miss Tasha, yes indeed....


t-odd said...

Don't you just love Apple (after they fix your stuff)? And don't you just love Murial's Wedding? I love that movie. Have fun camping in the Dairyland. Camping in the rain drove my mother to near insanity and we have never camped since. Good luck now.

Roadie in Vancouver said...

Darn, I just bought you ABBAs greatest hits for your birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tasha, you might try rockbox on your ipod; better to control it rather than the other way 'round:

With bookmarks, it's especially nice for audiobooks, so you can have a listen to "Война и мир" on a particularly long ride.