Friday, June 19, 2009


  • Good god, there are a LOT of awful radio stations out there.
  • Do THAT many people really like country? It’s all basically the same stuff, isn’t it? Your old lady left, the hound dog is sick, the beer is flat, blah blah blah.
  • Ditto for heavy metal.
  • Ditto for the Christian stuff.
  • The cutesy/fancy hotel/motel names, like the Doodrop Inn or the Bel Aire, do not inspire confidence. And adding “extra clean rooms” to your signs doesn’t help either.
  • Oh come on now, really – a gas station/store called the “Kum ‘n Go”? Are you serious?


Roadie in Vancouver said...

What do you get when you play a country music song backwards?

You get your wife back, your pickup truck back and your job back!

Colleen said...

I remember the "Kum & Go" from when we drove to Colorado. I really thought it sounded like a low-rent porn shop with bathrooms.

t-odd said...

"Pump n Munch" was already taken. (And yes, there are "Pump n Munch" stores in Minnesota.)