Monday, August 9, 2010

Another best of....

Last week I’m doing my usual riding up in Madison, tackling the 18% hills and whatnot with ease – or rather, what I’m sure would be ease if not for the chipseal, the gravel, the bumps in the road, etc. – when I decide to stop in at what is unquestionably the best coffee/bike shop in the world, this Uplifting Grind place. Uphill Grind, I mean. I’ll get it right one of these days.

Anyway, as soon as I walk in, I’m hailed and greeted like a rockstar, as is befitting my status:

Cute nice counter guy: Hi!

Cute nice computer couch guy: Hi there!

Dapper older man: Hello!

Now, the last time I was here I was greeted similarly by the owner of the store, Michael, but not with quite as much unbridled admiration as from this crew. Clearly, word about me has gotten around.

CNCG: What can I do for you?

Me: Hmm, I need something, but I don’t know what.

CNCG: I’m thinking… icy cold coffee with milk, refreshing, sweet, caffeine.

Me: That’s it!!! Ah, you’re a genius. You see, that’s why I love this place. I write about you guys, you know.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

CNCCG: You have that blog, The Thighmaster Route to Kona – I’ve read it, it’s a great blog.

Me: Why…yes, that’s me. Doing the stupid things, so you don’t have to.

CNCCG: Exactly! Using equipment purchased through infomercials….

Me: Yep…

CNCCG: …or As Seen on TV…

Me: Wow, you’re good!

I can see the shiny admiration in his eyes, or perhaps it’s just the glare from the overhead lights, tough to say which. But it’s kind of the same thing.

DOM: Thigh…what? What’s that?

CNCCG: Thighmaster Route to Kona…

DOM: What?

CNCG, helpfully: Thighmaster. It’s a piece of exercise equipment….

Me, also helpfully: ….or if you just google Tasha and Kona, that should take you to the blog too.

DOM: Blog…?

Sigh. World domination via my little blog doesn’t always come easy, but I soldier on. Anyway, we’re chatting as I bask in my glorified status as a Triathlon Goddess, which naturally accords me this kind of attention and niceties, when some random person walks into the store.


CNCCG: Hi there!

DOM: Hello!

Umm. So. Well, I’m sure that person also has some kind of niche in blogdom…...or knows these guys……or…..something. Something just like that. Right?

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