Saturday, February 12, 2011

Okay, NOW I'm pissed off

So I admit, even as I’ve been hauling out boxes of paperwork and trying to get this shit organized for this ridiculous audit, I’ve been putting off looking at my actual 2008 return, the one they’re auditing. I seemed to vaguely recall that I didn’t make much money that year – remember, that was Cancer and Brain Injury Year, so for literally half the year, I was out of commission. Bleeding on the brain will do that to a person, not to mention surgery and 7 weeks of daily zappings of radiation.

But I wasn’t 100% sure. Was THAT the year I did some work early on for Accenture? Was there something else? Not sure.

Until now.

And I’m pissed.

Because I did just look at my return, and when I saw how little money I really did make? What. The. Fuck. Not only is it a ridiculously small sum, which pisses me off, but the fact that the IRS is auditing ME over this piddly-ass sum of money, well, that’s just infuriating. Our tax dollars at work.

I don’t want to say how much I actually made that year, because it’s kind of ridiculous, but suffice it to say that even if I had had monkeys prepare my tax return, there is no chance I’ll owe the IRS an iota of money. In fact, they might owe ME. Between the money pit that is my house, and the insane medical bills, and the lack of income, I might just send a bill to the IRS when this is over for WASTING MY FUCKING TIME.

On the bright side, as I’m researching this crap I am discovering all sorts of interesting tidbits about what the IRS can and can’t do, which I’m eager to share with my sixteens of readers, in case you too ever find yourselves in this unfortunate position. Because I’m just helpful that way. And bitter. And oh yeah, did I mention, pissed off?? Just checking.


Anonymous said...

Is is because the income went down so much that they are actually doing this?

Tasha the Triathlon Goddess said...

I don't know, but even if it is, that makes no sense. "Oh, they made no money that year - let's see if we can squeeze more out of that nothing!" They ARE looking at my medical expenses, which is also ridiculous. What, they don't realize that people get sick suddenly and wind up with ridiculous bills? That's cause for an audit?? Apparently so.

Anonymous said...

This all sounds so ridiculous that they are putting you through the ringer on a low-income year, but once they see the medical bills hopefully it will all go away. And better yet, maybe you'll realize you forgot a few deductions that they owe you! Keep writing- even when you're p-d off, you're entertaining.

Dee said...

Whatever you do Tasha, don't buy a lotto ticket. You just might win the jackpot and the IRS will never leave you alone!

P.S. my word verification is "doundles" which I hope means:"The IRS auditor came down with a serious case of the doundles and never showed up."

Pink Kitchen said...

That's all I've got today.