Thursday, July 7, 2011

A pattypan placeholder

Yes yes, I know, it's been months since I've put up a new post - but I have them all written in my head. It's just a matter of getting them down on paper. Which I will, after my Long National Nightmare with the IRS is finally over.

This day could very well be tomorrow.

Well, sort of. IRSLady Yvette is stopping by in the morning to pick up whatever papers I've managed to dig up for 2009 and 2006, and at this point, I'm basically ready to tell them to just tell me how much I owe them, so I can be done with it all. I don't have time for this, people! Things to do! A garden to take care of! A Kone to cater to! The PATTYPANS!

Oh, and then I have to start my whole Ramping Up process for RAGBRAI, which is in, umm, 2 weeks. And so far I've ridden, umm, not so much.

So yes, my mom is delighted that I'll be moving back in with her as of tomorrow night, so that I can ride my little heart out in hopes of not dying while riding across Iowa. Or at least being able to make it from porkchop to porkchop.

So! Soon there will be a flood of important posts, trust me, ranging from the Kona Chronicles as he discarded his oppressive shackles and ran to freedom in the wilds of Wisconsin, to Miss Tasha actually having nice things to say about various institutions. And the ultimate question: now knowing that Lance himself will be riding part of RAGBRAI, will Miss Tasha be able to get her "Cancer Sucks, Dopers Suck Harder" jersey made in time? Questions, questions......

But in the meantime, I am using the time-tested tactic of posting distracting pictures, of Kona, the garden, and of course.....the pattypans. Enjoy.

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RP said...

I see the Kale!! I need to try and make your Kale chips...yum!

Your garden is awesome. Mine would be dead. Just saying.....