Monday, June 25, 2012

As RAGBRAI comes to a screeching halt....

So technically this ride across Iowa is anywhere from 450-500 miles, give or take. I think this year it’s 471. However, it’s clear to me that for some of us, it’s going to be a bit shorter. Make that a hell of a lot shorter.
As in, 460 miles shorter. Because this is what Orange City is doing, and that’s the first town on the route.

“The town is planning a mini Tulip Festival for RAGBRAIers with stands, Dutch costumes, entertainment, floats, photo ops, and other fun Orange City Tulip Fest activities.… The Mini Tulip Festival will feature Floats, Dutch Street Organ, Tulip Queen Court, Festezanger Singers, the Tulip Mural on side of Dove Christian Book, Dutch Dancers, and much more!

So what about food?  Local vendors will be selling famous Woudstra brats, poffertjes (which are little buttery Dutch pancakes), Dutch Fudge Puppies (chocolate covered Belgian waffles rolled in different toppings), breakfast pizza, Dutch Letter & Almond patty pastries, fruits and Dutch Oliebolen (small round, Dutch doughnuts).

The town is hoping to raise funds to refurbish their Dutch Street Organ and Windmill Park (where the activities will be held).”

Is there really any reason to go any further? By this point you’ve seen the cornfields, this cute bucolic little town, the blue skies, and now you’re stuffing yourselves with glorified donuts. And poffertjes and Dutch Fudge Puppies. What else is there?

The only reason I might perhaps possibly at some point venture on would be so that I could make it to Day 2 and Sac City:

“There will be so much food in Sac City to choice from including watermelon, turkey tenders, pork chops on a stick, bananas, cookies,  porkburgers, pies from the church ladies, ice cream, chocolate brownie sundaes, floats, grilled chicken, smoothies, bar-be-que pork, pizza, Bloody Marys, Lime-a-ritas, lots of beer and a lot more!

Neat places that riders should be sure to visit:
  • Sac City Museum complex – Home of the World’s Largest Popcorn Ball"

Lime-a ritas and the World’s Largest Popcorn Ball. I think that says all we need to know.

Sac City…… you complete me.

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