Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hockey season - finally!

I go into Starbucks this morning, post-dogpark as usual, and the first thing that Diane says when she sees me is this: “They’re back.....”

I of course immediately knew exactly what she was talking about. Like the swallows to Capistrano, or the sea lions to the SF Bay shores, or lemmings to a cliff, the first harbinger of hockey season finally arriving is when the hockey players start showing up at my local Starbucks.

And I’m not suggesting that we stood around plotting and strategizing while other customers were waiting for their skim mocha lattecinos with a twist. Oh no. And I’m not saying that we discussed how Brent Seabrook usually has a skinny vanilla latte, but before game time ( 2 ½ hours before, not to be too precise or anything) he comes in and gets just a black coffee. Nor am I saying that we discussed ANYTHING at all that involved chairs and duct tape and the concept of “stalling” certain hockey players when they stroll in for their beverages. Nope, never. I’m just sayin’.

Go Blackhawks!

(Though don’t think you’re off the hook – I’m still bitter that to date, NOT ONE PERSON from the Blackhawks organization has replied to my email regarding the Fuck Cancer game. Hmph. So, other than the games that Deanna and I plan to go to and my stalking of players at Starbucks and making sure I’m home so that I can watch the games on tv – I’m totally shunning the Blackhawks. Totally.)

(I'd also like to add that based on the comments from my last post, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a "What the hell is he into NOW?!" kind of pooch. Though I have to say - JoJo, you win.)


t-odd said...

Ah the Blackhawks - hopefully they will be better than the Wild.

Can't remember - you up at IMMoo this weekend?

Molly said...

Yep, I knew when I saw Joe Pavelski at the grocery store that they are rolling back into San Jose. The season is almost here, finally!!!