Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bow before my greatness? Okay, maybe not

Okay, okay, so I know what you all are thinking.

“Oh no you ain’t, Miss Tasha. No you ain’t come waltzin’ back in here after bein’ gone for all this time, like nothin’ done happen.”

(For some reason, my readers tend to speak in a distinctly Cajun ghetto patois.)

Oh yeah, I guess I’ve been a bit AWOL. And for that I do apologize, young grasshoppers, for leaving you without my brilliant guidance and gems of wisdom for so long. And because I think my erstwhile pinnacle of 18s of readers has now plummeted back down to 15s. Oops.

But you see, much as I love my little blog that is sweeping the nation, the BTISTN isn’t exactly a big moneymaker. In fact, my income from this is pretty much zero. Which is fine, of course – I do this for the fame and fortune and so that I can enlighten the little people, as opposed to more mercenary considerations. However, that also means that when the opportunity to make money DOES come along, I latch onto that puppy like a Republican latches onto tax breaks for any and all bankers. In other words, with ferociousness and determination. Not that there was much money forthcoming – and speaking of that, hello, just where is all that supposed contract work available out there? Why are people not beating down the door seeking out Miss Tasha’s brilliance??

But I digress. The point being, Miss Tasha – aka yours truly – is po.’ Big time po.’ So sometimes, the eking out of a hardscrabble existence has to take precedence over writing, which is my true love. Such is life.

So enough of that. Now, onto the stripper store…..

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tasha, funny post, did you think it was gonna make you money? Silly girl... FWIW, I have a Specialized Paris-Roubaix 06 model, with low mileage, as in under 150 miles, for sale. I can't use it anymore, its hard to ride with 1 arm. So if you know anyone, let me know. All the best, Tap