Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The orphans need your help....

Before I move on to my next post, which will be related to training (I can hear the gasp of excitement already!), I’d like to take a moment for a Jerry-Lewis-esque appeal for cash. Well, not cash outright, but rather cash in the form of a raffle ticket purchase.

Yes, as part of our effort to raise more funds this year so that we can help more orphans, IDR is having a Mega O’Rama Raffle – at least that’s what I like to call it. Big Money! Big Big Big! For purchasing just one $10 ticket, you have the potential to win BIG MONEY! Okay, so I don’t know exactly how much – it’s a 60/40 raffle so the amount depends on how many tickets we sell.

Why is IDR so important to me? Well, for one, it did bring the love of my life, HRH The Kone into my sad little CancerWorld. He makes me laugh or smile every day, and these days, that’s saying a lot. And IDR helps dogs like my rascally little impish foster Tiny Timmy.

And then there’s Miracle. Our Miracle dobe, who some of you know from following along on Facebook. Who was found near death after being dumped in an alley in Gary, IN – and luckily the shelter down there called IDR, and of course we said YES, we can help him, YES, please send him to us. Because that’s what we do. This was Miracle a week ago:

And this is him the other day, taking his first tentative steps after being unable to walk.

Walk? Hell, he couldn’t even lift his head when first brought in – and they couldn’t even get a temperature reading on him. But IDR helped him – because that’s what we do. We take in the old, the sick, the heartworm positive – all the ones that certain big shelters in Chicago pawn off on rescues because they’re not “perfect.”

They’re perfect to us, all of our babies.

Even when we want to kill them, after they’ve peed on our bed. (Thanks Timmy!)

And we’re beyond grateful – beyond! – for all the donations and love and support inspired by our Miracle boy, but the more funds we can raise, the more of Miracle and Kona and Timmy’s orphan brothers and sisters we can save. But we need your help.

The irony here in my asking you for this is that Miss Tasha is beyond po.’ Miss Tasha be sellin’ biscuits on the corner pretty soon to try to make some money. (Wait, biscuits? Wha...? I think those are the drugs talking. Or the whiskey.)

So yes, I have a fan-fucking-tastic resume, great experience, and many happy former clients, but can’t find work. WTF? But I’ll manage. And I’m not so po’ that I can’t offer up my standard PRIZE offering for those who buy an IDR raffle ticket! Yes sirree, while I have yet to open my own Fuck Cancer Emporium, which is still in the works, I’m still willing to procure an FC hat, and will raffle it off to anyone who lets me know that they bought at least one IDR raffle ticket (and you can do that via the website here). Just email me or comment on this post – we’ll go with scout’s honor here.

And if you can’t donate yourself, please pass this around far and wide. Let’s help this Little Blog That’s Sweeping the Nation do some good for a change! Let’s let freedom ring! Let’s say, yes we can! Let’s get Tasha some help before she completely loses her ever-loving mind!

Oh, where were we? That’s right, my shameless plea for cash for IDR. Maybe, just maybe, if you’re one of the people who’s ever eked out a tiny bit of amusement or joy or fuck-YEAH-glee from my blog, you’ll want to pay it forward by helping IDR. Or you’ll at least think about it. That would be good too. The orphans – and I – thank from the bottom of our respective pawsums, and heart.

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