Monday, April 18, 2011

I think I'm done

So early last week I get an email from MLSFBF Kat (that’s My Lazy Selfish Feeble Boring Friend Kat, for those who are wondering), asking if I’d be interested in a position at her company. The company I’ve been doing freelance work for, for years now. The job description – Global Analyst, for a personal care vertical (umm, which is what I’ve been focusing on for her company), involving market research (hello), analysis and synthesis of data (okay), and then presenting that data to clients (former life much?). So basically this was a job description written for me. Oh yeah, and international work experience would be helpful. Hello! AND they had been trying to fill this position for some time, with no luck. Then I come along. When I spoke to the recruiter, she was so excited that I’m surprised she didn’t offer me the job on the spot.

So I figured I was in. I even told my mom about this, which I generally don’t do because then I get the calls every day.

Mom: So…….what’s new?

Me: Nothing. SSDD.

Mom: What does tha…

Me: Same Shit Different Day.

Mom: So……anything……say……on the job front?

Me: NO!

And so on. So I refrain, but with this, I was so sure I’d be getting an offer I threw caution to the wind. Hell, I was even planning how I’d negotiate the salary, how I’d ask for the last week of July off, how this would cut into my seedling time, etc. Thank god I didn’t get so crayzee as to spend money I didn’t have in hopes of having some that I didn’t wind up having.

Because then I followed up with the recruiter this morning, as I hadn’t talked to the head guy yet like I was supposed to, to get the “we’ve hired someone else” response. What??? I’m stunned. I really must suck if I can’t even get a job that’s basically tailor-made for me.

So that’s it. I am following the path of Dirty Sock and Zen, i.e. at that point of truly giving up all hope. For Dirty Sock at least, things then took a turn for the better. I have no such hope.

Hey Universe - you can just BITE ME.

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tribabe said...

That is ridiculous and total crap and I'm sorry to hear it.