Friday, June 27, 2014

Stood up by Joaquim

As if being a curmudgeony spinster* isn’t bad enough, getting stood up by your sperm donor is just another kick in the teeth. How does this happen?

I’ll spare the vast majority of you who have zero interest in the nitty-gritty of fertility treatment the boring details. Suffice it to say that normally I ovulate like clockwork on cycle day 14, but this time around, nada. Nada, and more nada. I seriously wondered, is this some cosmic joke? Where everything is just going along smoothly, and then poof, just like that, I stop ovulating?

Well, no. Apparently clomid, of the dreaded Clomid Challenge, has a well-known side effect of delaying ovulation, sometimes by many days. Which is why I went today to pick up a shot of Ovidrel that I had to administer to myself tonight. Yay. This is all very weird and surreal. And boring. I bore myself with it all, with the googling on what such and such means, what It means to have 4 follicles or 13, if anything can improve egg health, if anything can improve your IVF chances, if if if.

It’s all just a fucking crapshoot.

The supplement stuff out there is crazy enough on its own. Some people are taking an entire pharmacy of supplements: anti-oxidants, vitamins, enzyme, you name it.  I find myself tempted to write it all down and add it to my regimen, such as it is (hey, cheez doodles are indeed a regimen!), but none of that stuff is proven to work. It seems coincidental if it does seem to “work.” I’ll stick to the CoQ-10 that my doctor said wouldn’t hurt to try, and the regular vitamins, and leave it at that. Maybe.

So tonight I gave myself a shot to trigger ovulation, then Sunday I go in for my hookup with Joaquim.

He better put out this time.

*Speaking of spinsters, why is it that in the alterna-universe of IAWL, Mary is not only a timid wretch closing up the library, but she’s also visually impaired?? Glasses? Did somehow having George in her life keep her eyesight keen or cause her to eat more carrots? Were glasses the only way they could make Mary homely? Wasn’t the porkpie hat and 6 layers of clothing enough?

Just wondering.

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Anonymous said...

She was a librarian and read constantly evesoon bad light so her eyes were extra tired and weak. DUH.