Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ramping up

In my never-ending quest to provide useful, fact-based information and essential training tips to my faithful reader(s), I would like to note the following, based on my motto of "doing the stupid things" etc.:

Doing a 100-mile ride the day before a race is perhaps NOT such a good idea. I know, who knew? Well, everyone but me, apparently. This is the complete transcript of many such conversations I had during today's Bangs Lake triathlon:

Me, sadly: So I've discovered that my theory on ramping up is being disproved.
Colleen, Bridget, et al: Shocking!

The next time I decide to ride that slowly, I'll just put a basket on Sálome, toss in a crusty baguette and a jug of wine, and not pretend that I'm actually "racing." Though at least my Catwoman costume was a big hit with one and all - which brings to mind another important axiom: vinyl headgear is truly not breathable. I know, I know........who knew?

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Missy said...

I knew. At least about the vinyl headgear; you should have asked me! : }