Sunday, November 16, 2008

The copout placeholder post

Yes, yes, I still have to regale all of you with a clever post about me, Schleprock, bringing my usual "luck" to Vegas and the Silverman triathlon - which I wasn't insane enough to do, no sirree. I leave that kind of thing to the more stalwart (read = crazy) among us (Bridget), not naming any names (Meredith).

Then tomorrow will be my last day of being irradiated in a dark, cold, water-dripping tube, with radiation particle beams zapping at me from every direction, painfully so. And I still have to make that mix tape for my rads technicians, the one that has lots and lots of Huey Lewis and the News, and Jefferson Starship, and even that perennial favorite, Yanni. Maybe even some Cat Stevens after he went all crazy on us and became Yusuf Islam and his "music" consisted of chants from the Koran. Yeah, that's it. I hear that's kind of soothing.

So I could be drunk and giddy for a few days after that. I will try to avoid PUI (Posting Under the Influence), however, so as to avoid accidentally posting anything blindingly chipper, the way drunk people sometimes do. That would be so wrong.

In the meantime, we have a clip from my favorite comic, which as always speaks to me in hauntingly appropriate fashion:

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