Monday, November 3, 2008

Never mind

So I watched John McCain on SNL this past Saturday, and I have to say, the man was pretty funny. Seemed like a regular guy, with a good sense of humor. I’ve decided I’m going to vote for him instead, based on that. Plus, I read over the weekend that the Republicans have unearthed a half-aunt of Obama’s who’s here illegally, and gosh, that just makes me wonder. Does that mean that Obama will handle all illegalism in such a lax manner? That’s what his refusal to deal harshly with a distant relative whose status he was hardly aware of says to me at least. The fact that the Republicans have been death to the environment, ech, that just pales in significance compared to this other stuff.

And besides, red is such a pretty color.

I do have to note that when the news of Obama’s relative came out, I thought to myself, is that the best you can do?? I thought the Republicans would be trotting out Osama bin Laden on a leash or something, having “miraculously” found him at the Army canteen over the weekend, taking the risk of being caught so that he could stock up on Ho-Hos. I guess we still have the rest of today – I will remain glued to the tv or computer for updates.

In between Paula Deen, that is, whose program I’m sure they would never dare interrupt, no matter what kind of breaking news is coming down the pike. Who had the best quote EVER on her show last week: “I gotta say, the best thing I ever did for myself was to have these deep-fat fryers installed in mah kitchen.”

The woman’s brilliance cannot be overstated.


Anonymous said...

if your so happy about the color red - that's a deciding factor in voting.
Do remember that red is the color of hell and fire (not good things )and blue is the color of water and the sky (both beautiful things).

Think about if you want the world to be here for your kids kids and there kids, we need to wake up to global warming and stop dependence on oil.

If you can't vote for change please don't vote.

I wanna play the organ, too said...

Red is also the color of the Blackhawks jerseys, Hearts, and Palin's skirt suit. Last I checked, the color of fire was orange and blue, in fact. And what is hell anyway? Aren't we living it right now? It's all the colors of the rainbow then.

And the last time I checked, water was colorless, and so was the sky. So, whomever this fruitcake is who posted...he's a fruitcake.

I say, vote for the candidate strikes your fancy...drill baby, drill! And don't worry about comments made by people who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're." Peace, and bless your vote!

Anonymous said...

The're mistake in their or hear shude of bean THARE. Not heir Ither or is it ether witch makes fire.