Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Me and my BFF

I’m talking about Brent Seabrook, of course. I was at Starbucks this morning, attempting to yell at Ellen because my coffee was not hot enough by 2 degrees and failing miserably (because really, people, it takes a certain kind of psychoticness to yell at someone as sweet as Ellen about your fricking COFFEE, but apparently there are some of you who’ve managed to rise to the occasion – be proud!) and Diane mentions that he had come in – this was after my casually bringing up last week that the gods had smiled upon me and I was actually going to the first Blackhawks playoff game.

Me: Yeah, the Blackhawks and me, we’re like that (I hold up crossed fingers). Couldn’t be any tighter. Like multiple twins from that crazy octomom, separated at birth. Like….

Diane, interrupting: Hey, that Hawks guy Brent….something, it’ll come to me, comes in here all the time for coffee, lives in the neighborhood…

Me: WHAT??? He lives HERE and no one ever told me?? How could I not know this?

Jesus: What are you guys talking about? Oh, that Hawks guy? Yeah, he’s in here all the time.

Jesse, nodding: Oh yeah, all the time.

Me, mouth agape: Wait. So you have an actual player from the BLACKHAWKS frequenting this little Roscoe Village store…..and I knew nothing about this? I thought we were all friends!

Diane: Seabrook, that’s it! Yep, all the time.

So this morning I was talking to Brent - okay, not actually talking to HIM, but talking to Diane ABOUT him, which is basically the same thing, about how he and I hang out all the time - though technically I've never met him in person, but hell, why quibble over minor details? We are, as you can see, like I said, tight. And why not? Look at all the things Brent and I have in common, for example. He plays hockey, I play hockey. He lives in Roscoe Village, I live in Roscoe Village. He’s an uber-fit, in shape, 24-year-old professional sports star with a vast following, and I’m a……umm………

Hey, so, how ‘bout them Blackhawks, eh? 4th playoff game tonight – GO HAWKS!!


D said...

How bout the Canucks sweeping their round last night? WHAT!

Roadie in Vancouver said...

Doesn't BFF stand for Best Female Friend? Is Brent changing gender after the playoffs?

Colleen said...

So, are you implying that you're not 24? I'm shocked!