Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby leaves the nest

I knew the day would come eventually, but I didn’t think it would be quite so soon, and I’m not sure I was ready. You nurture them from the time they’re little, watch as they take their first ginger steps out into the real world, becoming more and more independent......and then comes the day when you’re entrusting them to the care of others. Strangers, really. Total strangers taking care of my baby. Sniffle.

I’m of course talking about Kona’s first day at daycare. I had done my research and had a place in my mind, so I checked it out on Monday to make sure that everything was up to snuff – then came Tuesday, the Big Day. We went to the dog park first, as usual, then to Starbucks for coffee (me) and a scone (Kona) – just to maintain a semblance of normalcy. And then it was off to the Chi-Town Dog House. I could tell that Kona was a bit confused – what, not going home as usual? Where is mom taking me? Is she abandoning me? He seemed to like the other dogs that were going in at the same time, but as I handed over his leash, he looked at me with his soulful brown eyes, confused, and he pulled back on his leash, refusing to move, his paws scrabbling on the floor as they attempted to bring him back to the play area, as my heart broke in two.....

Okay, that’s a complete and total lie. What actually happened was that we walked in, Kona got excited at seeing his future playmates all around, started doing his usual playbowing, put his paws up on the counter to say hi to everyone, gave out some kisses, and when they went to take him in back, he was moving so fast that all I got was a glimpse of his little butt going through the door as I was saying “Bye my little butterc....oh, he’s gone already. That was fast.”

Of course I fretted all day – would he like the other dogs? Would they like him? Would they let him join in the fun or would he be ostracized, in which case I’d have to put some serious smackdown on those other dog bullies? But as I found out when I picked him up that afternoon, he had a great time. Oh sure, he was happy to see me, but he wasn’t exactly pulling my arm off to get out of there either – which was a good sign. And he bounced around a bit when we got home.....but then it was as if someone turned off a switch, as he collapsed on the couch and slept the sleep of the utterly exhausted the rest of the evening. I could actually Get Shit Done – I know, the mind reels.

I was describing Kona’s days to a friend this evening, replete as they are with a visit to the dog park, a scone from Starbucks, playing with his friends at daycare all day, treats at home, then finally settling down for the night tucked under bedcovers, and it occurred to me.......can I just switch places with him? And did he know what he was doing when he conned me into keeping him, or what??


Ann Fulkerson said...

Tasha - your Kona stories just crack me up! You definitely have a way with words. Keep on posting about your baby!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Hilarious. Seriously, though, if only we could switch places with our pets. Life would be more fair that way! Did Kona enjoy the deer brat? Yum.

Anonymous said...

I never knew our bags would have such a place with some. We got them initially because they were free.