Monday, January 5, 2009

A beacon of hope

Well, after my last gloomy, pissed-off-at-the-world post, one would think that it would be impossible for me to find the tiniest ray of sunshine anywhere, in anything, that I would just fester in a cocoon of gloom for the duration. Normally this might be the case. However.

Today I came across something that at least in part restores my shiny faith in humanity, in the goodness of people, in our ability as citizens of the world to create something bigger and better than all of us. Namely, this:

Yes folks, behold the Who Cakes. What the hell is a Who Cake, you ask? Apparently last spring when the latest Dr. Seuss movie came out, the Seuss people entered into an agreement with the IHOP people for some menu collaboration, and lo, magic was born at IHOP. For those not sure of what exactly you're looking at, that would be "a colorful stack of pancakes" covered with boysenberry and blueberry glaze, rainbow chocolate chips (yay, chocolate!), and to top it all off.........a lollipop. They suggest washing it down with "Beezlenut Splash," aka a thirst-quenching treat of lemon-lime soda (because your teeth haven't rotted enough from the pancakes) - though for some reason I keep reading that as Beelzebub Splash. I wonder why.

The sad thing is that this was out for a limited time only - but maybe they'll put it on the menu permanently if we start a movement or something. Who's with me??


tribabe said...

I want one and I want one now!

Deborah said...

I almost read that as "a bacon of hope" -- a perfect complement for pancakes!

Kristin said...

i DID read it as a bacon of hope