Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kona torture

Or at least that’s what it looked like this morning. You see, Kona, ensconced as he is in his toasty little World of Wonderfulness, where he gets tucked under covers and more than enough food and toys and treats, has no idea that today it’s 40 FRICKING BELOW outside. It’s not as if he watches the news (much), or checks the weather online. Though I do admit, he likes to get up on my desk chair and gaze at the computer, stabbing a paw at the keyboard (seriously), so I fully expect that one day a truckload of 10,000 pig ears will show up at my doorstep.

Anyway, so this morning Kona decided we needed to go to the dog park, as we do every single other day. When other people at the dog park ask me if we’re coming when the weather is predicted to be god-awful, I tell them yes, I have no choice. Kona tears things up, brings me my boots, and in general is so pathetic and incorrigible that we go no matter what – and then don’t stay very long if it’s horrid, but he has to see that for himself.

So today. -12 degrees, 40 below with the wind chill. It actually didn’t seem that bad when we first stepped out, but then within about 5 seconds my lungs froze and it was hard to breathe. Even a plane flying overhead sounded so odd that I looked up to see what was going on. And there’s Kona, channeling his inner flamingo – i.e. standing on 3 legs, holding up a back paw because it’s cold. Then he sits and holds up a front paw. Then shivers. Sigh. Who looks like the bad parent now?? Then I had to help him into the car, because his paws were too cold for him to jump in as usual. Oh, he’s fine, we were out there for about 5 minutes, and he got his petite scone from Starbucks as usual afterwards so all was right in KonaWorld, but still. And of course this means he got no exercise today. It’s going to be a long day.......


tribabe said...

Why does this sound so familiar to me? There is no reasoning with a dog that wants to go to the park on a bad weather day. Marshall dog will insist we go out in every type of Oregon rain storm, then squint and look pathetic when we do. As soon as we get home he wants to be toweled off, generously, face first of course. Then it's over to the fireplace for warming. Meanwhile, I'm soaked to the bone and cleaning up a mess. Does Kona sigh loudly and pout? I love the chin on the knee with the big puppy dog eyes face!

Jen said...

you know, I noticed the odd-sounding airplanes when it was so cold.... my office is close to O'Hare.... it was weird.

If you wish really, really, hard, Tasha, maybe someday Kona will bake you a cake of thanks.