Thursday, February 19, 2009

For the hockey fans and my Canadian friends

But I repeat myself. Originally I was going to title this post For Deanna, but I changed my mind, because you see, that would have forced me to admit that I created a monster. Yes, it’s true. I was the one who earlier this season took Deanna to her first hockey game, where she was like an innocent babe in the woods, commenting that “ooh, the hockey players are so cute!” and “yum, mai tais!” But I believe that was a game where the Blackhawks had something like 5 penalties in the first 3 minutes – Deanna was mesmerized, and since then, well, it’s a different story. Now all I hear is enforcer this and PIM that, and Deanna is glued to her seat when there’s a fight, getting the requisite hot dog when the puck is in play. I knew she was really a goner when she started talking about “putting on the foil” before games, and starting an “I Love the Hanson Brothers!” group in Facebook. Ah well. Deanna, this one’s for you too:


Israeli said...

So of course, this means that she has to see the movie Youngblood

Hockey, fisticuffs, romance, Rob Lowe its got it all!!!

Deanna said...

Hockey! I love the hockey! And all of hockey including the little interludes where they skate around chasing that black rubber thing. Can't wait for the Wolves game on Sunday. They do fight more than the Hawks, right?