Friday, February 6, 2009

So it has been spoken it shall be done. We all know by now that Kona and I hit the Starbucks on Roscoe basically every day after the dog park. Well, I actually go in, Kona stays in the car, but clearly his needs take precedence, because as soon as I get to the counter, the first question is “the scone for your dog, right?” I’m known as “the woman with the dog” to all and sundry, even the other customers, who seriously have said to me while waiting in line, “oh, you’re the girl with the dog who gets a scone.” For a while we had to deal with the......there’s no good word for it other than tragedy.....of their having no petite scones, so Kona had to suffer through the indignities of bagels, apple fritters, etc., until his beloved scones were back.

Anyway – I go in today and am chatting with Diane (yes, I now know the names of some of the people who work there).

Diane: “...yeah, so it’s kind of random how we wind up having to order certain things, and then others we’re told not to. It doesn’t always make sense, like with the scones.”
Me: “Someone was explaining to me that you have to count what’s left at the end of the day, and that made the scones look bad because they’re little so there’d be more of them left.”
Diane: “Exactly – but it made no sense because they’re so popular. Then, you have one of our new products, the maple and sausage scone, an...”
Me, interrupting: “Hooold it......a MEAT scone?? now have a meat scone?”
Diane: “Yes, with sausage, but we’re only allowed to order 2 or 3, so they sell out quickly and...”
Me, interrupting again: “So what you’re saying is that Starbucks now has a KoneScone. A scone for dogs. Because seriously, who else would want a scone with sausage in it?”
Diane: “Apparently quite a few people, because we keep selling out!”

So I went back to the car and told Kona that mere days after his mentioning his desire for a KoneScone, Starbucks obliged with a sausage creation. Clearly the folks at Starbucks keep tabs on the pulse of America by reading my little blog here......

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Motria said...

Meat scone, my ass! That's a pyrih. Those corporate hacks are just ripping off Ukrainian culture without due credit.