Thursday, February 19, 2009

It takes a village

Far be it from me to want to turn this blog into the Kone-Scone Chronicles.....but really, the kind of serendipity I now encounter on a daily basis needs to be commented on. So this morning – yes, you guessed it, after the dog park – we go to Starbucks. And my eagle eye immediately notices that the petite scone plate is (gasp!) empty. I start looking at the alternatives, and when Diane looks in my direction I give her my Sad Face.

Me, sadly: Look, no more petite scones today.
Diane: No, check it out, there’s one left!
Me, looking in vain at the empty plate: But.....
Diane: Really, there’s one left and I was saving it for you, hoping you’d come in!
Me, still looking at the empty plate: But....
Diane, pulling the plate out of the case: See, there’s one that fell off the plate and got wedged next to the glass from the display case, so we can’t sell it, but it’s for your dog so I can give it to you!
Me: Aha! Well, how’s that for Starbucks efficiency?? Nothing goes to waste!
Diane: Exactly! I totally thought of you as soon as that happened!

And we all grinned at each other and acted all self-congratulatory at our quick thinking in turning what could have been a tragedy (wasted scone) into a victory (happy Kona). Why, it’s like Bastille Day all over again, this snatching of victory from the jaws of defeat, this modern-day uprising. Or not. Probably not. But clearly close.


D said...

You make me feel soooo much better about my daily trip to Starbucks.

Javier said...

I find your ability to find victory inspiring! THANKS!