Sunday, October 25, 2009


Even though – as we all know – Kona is as close to perfection as one can find in a dog, he does have his, well, quirks. By “quirks” I mean “pain-in-the-ass things he does that would make me want to kill him if he weren’t so winsomely adorable and otherwise perfect.” So essentially the traditional sense of the word.

One of those quirks is this: he hates the rain. Hates. It. Will NOT go out in it – if I let him out in back if it’s raining, as soon as he feels that first drop on his head, he plasters himself against the back door, jumps on it, cries, etc. until I let him back in. He then proceeds to shake the evil rain droplets off of him, acting for all the world as if it’s acid rain.

This is of course not good when we’re having a rainy spell. Which is why the other night, I wound up standing in the backyard IN THE RAIN trying to coax Kona to go to the bathroom. Nothin’ doing. We go back in, and he’s running back and forth so I know he still has to go. We try going out the front door – sometimes the excitement of this makes him temporarily forget about the rain. Nope. Again, I’m out there getting wet, he pulls my arm off getting back inside. We keep repeating this tableau, as he runs eagerly outside, apparently thinking we’ll be going to a DIFFERENT outside, one where it’s not raining. In and out, in and out. Finally he goes in the house, I yell at him, then feel so guilty that I dote on him the rest of the evening, bringing him his little biscuits on a doily and all that. So not a banner day overall.

The next day, I get this brilliant idea: I know, I’ll get him a raincoat! Thinking, maybe it’s the feel of the rain falling on his fur that he hates, so the raincoat will prevent that. Hey, it’s a theory. Off I go to Petsmart, where the only raincoat they have for big dogs is bright yellow. With duckies on it.

You can see for yourself what the outcome was when I actually put it on the Kone. Suffice it to say that I believe the thought bubble over his head was saying “Okay, I’m going for the jugular unless you get this thing off me NOW, missy.”

Back to square one.....

In other news, the Hawks are still valiantly fighting against cancer awareness:

"In conjunction with the National Hockey League’s month-long initiative, the Chicago Blackhawks will host “Hockey Fights Cancer Awareness Night” at the United Center on Saturday, October 24 when the team takes on the Nashville Predators."

So this game was last night, and what do you think the Hawks did to acknowledge me, their #1 Fan With The Cancer? Nada. Zip. Zilch. Hell, I never even got the courtesy of a reply email from any of the MANY Hawks' front office people I emailed, trying to find out when their Fuck Cancer game was going to be. Hmm, I wonder what the hated Redwings came up with for this year - might be tough to top last year, where they hosted BC survivors in a suite, gave prizes to people wearing pink, etc.

Chicago Blackhawks, you're dead to me. At least until......let's see.....November 11th, which is when Deanna and I have our next set of tickets for a game. Yep, so totally dead to me.


D said...

One of my dogs doesn't like the rain, but deals with it. He is petrified of sprinklers though. He totally freaks out when going by them. Not sure what that's all about.

Deanna said...

But didn't you see -- Kane has been using pink tape on his sticks all month in your honor.

Accelerate said...

so they fight cancer awareness eh? Maybe they should just fight cancer.