Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is it just me?

I can't be the ONLY one grossed out by the whole Yoplait send-in-your-lids campaign. Oh sure, there are others who are offended by it all since Yoplait donates something like 2 cents for each lid you send in - with a stamp more expensive than that, mind you - and then there's the fact that Yoplait yogurt has been chock full of bovine growth hormones for years, which certainly isn't a good thing in CancerWorld and all.

Me? My sentiments aren't quite so lofty. I just find the whole idea of people sending in those sticky, crumpled, nasty little lids in to Yoplait rather.....skeevy. And in their commercials, they show these women licking the lids clean, so add some spit in there as well. Yuck! Aren't there, say, sanitation laws or something that prohibit people from sending these germ-laden bombs through the U.S. postal service? Shouldn't there be?

And their ad trying to guilt us all into sending in the damn lids - that's just pathetic. You people can count, and I'm quite sure you have some kind of supply chain mechanisms in place whereby you know exactly how much yogurt has been sold down to the last damn lid. So count them. Or hire some grads from Wharton to set up that system for you, in case it's a bit too complicated for you all. Actually, this just occurred to me - maybe this IS your supply chain/accounting system. Holy crap!

Yoplait Accounting Dude #1: "Hey Yosh, how much of that there Go-Gurt have we sold this quarter? Boss wants to know if the new ad campaign is working to drive up sales."
YAD #2: "Not sure yet there Sven. I'm still waiting for the empty yogurt tubes to come in the mail," he adds, drumming his fingers impatiently. "Don't know why it takes people so gol-darn long. Don't they realize we need these numbers?"
YAD #1: "Yep, people are pretty self-centered. You'd think the enticement of knowing that we're donating a penny to the Goiter Foundation for every sticky tube sent in would motivate these lazy bastards to get on the ball," Sven notes, shaking his head sadly. "What is this world coming to, the selfishness....."

I am SO sorry, Yoplait - I had no idea that this was how you did things. Mea culpa.


Roadie in Vancouver said...

LOL, Yoplait does lay out clearly the steps to take to send in those lids. Step 3: Rinse

Methinks the US Post needs the business.

t-odd said...

It is not just you - the whole thing grosses me out and regardless of what Yoplait directs, no one rinses those things - lick 'em and send 'em in.

And what's this you have a goiter now?