Thursday, October 8, 2009

The universe responds

Well, that was quick! Yes folks, in response to my plea to the universe that it stop handing me a pile of shit to deal with on a daily basis -

1) Kona got attacked this morning at the dog park. He's fine other then a cut on his flank, but *I'm* completely traumatized for not doing a better job of protecting my baby.
2) Entourage - that's the e-mail program on my Mac - has totally and completely crashed. You know, where I have every single one of my work and personal emails. Won't open, can't access it, nada. So now I'm attempting a "rebuild database" maneuver, which hopefully will NOT erase everything, but at this rate, who the hell knows?

So in reading between the lines here a bit, I'm thinking this is all kind of a big ol' Fuck You from the universe, eh?

I give up.


Deborah said...

Oh, Tasha. I'm so sorry to hear about anything that potentially leads you to abandon your loyal masses. Send me some kool-aid, and I'll do your bidding. Incite a mass boycott of paying taxes? Bring tons of scones to heal Kona's (and your) fraying nerves? Done!

Seriously, though, at this rate I'm a little scared to have you come out for Monday night hockey. Who knows what could happen???

JoJo said...

DO NOT GIVE UP!! Do you hear me?? Do NOT give up. I need you. You keep me sane! Ok, so clearly I'm coming from a purely selfish place, but it's true. And Max and Roxy are sending love to Kona - worried about his psyche, and they suggest additional treats to heal the wounds! Do I need to get on a plane to Chicago?