Monday, November 9, 2009

My people

Ever since joining the Billionaires for Wealthcare group, I have of course been on alert for others of my kind, i.e. those who also understand the unique burdens of the wealthy. The weighty decisions that we have to ponder every day – mahogany or oak for the new yacht? platinum or rhodium sink fixtures? – can make a person feel overwhelmed with the hardship of it all. Sometimes, it’s even tough to press on, but what choice do we have?

So I was delighted today to discover a fellow Billionaire, though at the moment she’s struggling to cope under the weight of her struggles, i.e. juggling the nanny’s schedule with the groundskeeper’s and the pool man’s, all in between trips to the Cape. Oh, the burdens some of us must cope with – it’s almost too much.

Ms. Steins, I say this to you: courage. Find that well of strength deep within you, pour into one of your silver chalices, and drink deeply. Your fellow Billionaires feel your plight. A nation weeps.

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