Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On a roll

Yes folks, this is now the SECOND post in a row where I have not ranted about health care reform! I know, the mind reels. Let’s see just how long I can go without contemplating a horrible death thanks to BCBS’s dartboard method of denying claims, shall we?

So I went last night to see my erstwhile hockey team the Chiefs play, and I will say this about their hockey skills: wow, they are a REALLY nice bunch of guys. Really. Actually, their hockey playing was fine (and who am I to talk, right?), though we had to go with the moral victory over the Hellfish rather than the victory victory. Puh, minor details.

I do, however, think there was some mild disappointment that I’m not yet sporting the new Rack. Not sure why I think this, but it might have to do with my spotting Doug handing out a little marketing brochure for the Chiefs with something about “ featuring the best Rack at Johnny’s!” printed on it. I certainly hope that’s going to be true – especially since everyone else who plays as Johnny’s is, well, a GUY. And with the schedule screwed up since the new rink is still being built, it’s unclear when our next game is – though at this rate we’ll be having a 4-games-per-week schedule in January, just as the Foobage is in process. Looks like I’ll be going to spectate a lot, bringing brownies to keep my place on the team secure and showing off the Girls. I just hope the team’s okay with that.

In other news, I managed to fight off a bout with the dreaded forehead cancer last week. Because of course, once you have The Cancer, every little ache and pain is suspect. And that’s not completely illogical – many of us have a tiny backache, for example, and oops, next thing you know, bone mets! So there I was, running my hand over this area on my forehead that was really painful to the touch. What the hell? Unexplained pain? That can’t be good. Until I remembered that oh yeah, Kona and I had bonked heads a few days before when he jumped up to give me a kiss. Whew! Dodged a bullet there with the whole forehead cancer thing. Though now the vision in my right eye has been blurry off and on for the past week or so. Hmm. Brain mets? I don’t even know what doctor I should see about it. Oncologist? Primary care? Or maybe, say, an ophthalmologist?? Decisions, decisions. No wonder people take the whole “Oh, I’ll give it some time, see what happens” attitude, even when they’ve just accidentally chopped off a limb. It’s all too damn confusing, and tiresome. I grow weary.

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t-odd said...

"Old time hockey!" "Like Eddie Shore!" I love the Chiefs in any incarnation.

Glad to hear the forehead cancer was a no go. That has a horrible cure rate, but then again like one person in the world has ever had it. (I am totally making this shit up.)

I hope the eye clears up soon. If it starts to get all lazy and cloudy and kind of weepy and "pus-ish" could you wear an eye patch or something so I don't have to stare at that.

In fact wear an eye patch anyway so I will be able to quickly pick you out in a crowded coffee house as I probably won't recognize you without your Liberace "uniform." And everyone will think, "How come that guy is so cool he gets to hang with a pirate?"