Saturday, January 2, 2010

By god, we did it!

It’s not every day that the common people are able to come together on a task of such righteousness and moral strength as this one. Because as so often seems to happen in these troubled times, evil wins out over good, the bad guys prevail, batshit crazy trumps common sense.

Not this time.

Yes, I’m pleased to announce that in the poll noted in a previous post, we finally have a winner: Joe Lieberman was voted the winner over Glenn Beck as the Assclown of the Year for 2009! Hurrah, the people have spoken!

Again, I note that Lieberman is doing actual damage to the people he’s supposed to protect and serve, all while raking in millions from private interests such as oh, say, insurance companies. Pals with Aetna there much, Joe?

While Glenn Beck is just a bloviating windbag who isn’t worth paying any attention to. In fact, for many years no one did! Yep, he has a long history of not just drug and alcohol abuse/addiction, but also of being fired from one radio hosting job after another for a long line of tasteless stunts, like calling up a rival morning host’s wife, and mocking her recent miscarriage. Class act there. He’s like the idiot frat boy who suddenly finds himself in the spotlight for some inexplicable reason – listening to him is akin to learning about etiquette from Howard Stern.

Lieberman, on the other hand, is serious, at least about mucking things up as much as possible. And he’s in a position to do so, which makes him dangerous. And evil. Or maybe just retarded.

But in any case, the Assclown of the Year moniker is well-earned. Wear that crown proudly, Joe!

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