Monday, January 4, 2010

Komen, still on crack

So I went running this morning – actually, I was driving, but I was visualizing running so that’s basically the same thing - when I start hearing on the radio the words “3 Day” and “Avon” blah blah blah. I quickly change the station, but first think to myself, what ho, now they’re having the pink hordes doing all that walking in the dead of winter? Is that really the smartest thing? (picturing a sea of frozen pink snuggies in one big clump.....)

And then I realize that no, they’re not walking in winter. They’re saturating the airwaves for their JUNE walk, meaning I have to listen to this shit for the NEXT SIX MONTHS. All the blather about how “everyone deserves a lifetime” and whatever moronic sayings they have, which always make me think – yes, this is true – so why the fuck all aren’t you guys doing anything about it?? You know, like funding research for studies on YOUNG WOMEN? I know, crazy selfish talk.

Plus, if this stuff annoys me, just think of what it does for the non-cancerous populace! If someone starts to beat me with a frozen ham one day because they see me as the living embodiment of these damn commercials, Komen, I’m coming after you.

And can’t someone find a damn cure already, just to stop all this fricking WALKING?? Sheesh.

One other thing – they’re now referring to their efforts as the “Breast Cancer Movement.” Which makes me wonder, are they working with the same ad agency that came up with the Blackhawks’ “Hockey Fights Cancer Awareness” slogan? Seems to me like the Komen people are missing a word (“Breast Cancer Awareness Movement” maybe? not that we're all not aware enough as it is) and the Blackhawks have an extra one (“Hockey Fights Cancer” perhaps?). I’m just sayin’.

I will note that I do have an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management from if any of you folks need some help with this stuff, you just let me know.


stacey said...

i can not stop cracking up from your second to last paragraph. awesomeness. thank you.

the infertile breeder said...

So how much of the Komen budget is spent on advertising? About 90% I figure. At least.

D said...

Thanks for asking. I do actually have some marketing-esque questions for you.