Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So much for 2010

I wake up this morning thinking hmm, it's awfully chilly in here. Which is what happens when it's 54 degrees in the house (20 below outside, natch) and the heater has conked out. So I do some googling ("how to light a furnace pilot light without killing yourself"), give it a shot, and verdict is.........nothing! Whee! Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have so soundly mocked and then refused to take the Snuggie that my mom gave me for Christmas....

It tells you something - though I'm not sure what - that one of my first thoughts was shit, Bell will be cold, I'll have to bundle her up and make sure she stays in the back sunroom with the electric heater. (Kona is off at daycare.) So far though she thinks our going up and down to and from the basement is a grand adventure, so that's good.

And of course today I was supposed to go downtown for my pre-Rackotomy (January 18th) blood tests - can't do that now. And of course this afternoon I need to be at the Daley Center to get the small claims court date moved because of former tenant bitchwhore Casey Moll. So if the furnace repair guys can't come before then, they'll come after - at an overtime charge of course.

I will say this now though - if I actually need a new fucking furnace, which would run thousands of dollars - then I truly do give up.

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