Thursday, March 4, 2010

Me and CPP

CPP = Crumpled Piece of Paper, for those few of you not in the know. CPP which I've had as a substitute for my driver's license since I got a ticket in October. Yes, October. 5 months ago now.

So I finished up the driver's ed class online that I took so the damn ticket wouldn't show up on my record back on January 29th. For the savvy among us, we note that that was more than a month ago. And each day I go scampering eagerly to check the mail, to see if they've finally mailed my damn license back to me, and every day is a crushing blow of defeat. No license. Nada. Goose egg. Finally, my rage boils over, so I decide to try to call the labyrinth that is the IL Driver's License Bureaucracy. Except there's no number to call, anywhere. In desperation, I call the traffic school number, give them my ID number for the ticket.

Traffic School Guy: Okay, so how can I help you? It shows that you completed the course on January 29th.
Me: Right, and I'm just trying to find out how long it takes before I get my driver's license back.
TSG: Oh, you should have gotten that right after you paid the fine.
Me: But......I paid that months ago! I definitely haven't gotten my license back though.
TSG: You can call the Daley Center to talk to them about it.....

Sigh. The Daley Center. Of course. Where I've now gone numerous times for one thing or another, and where after the last time they probably have me on multiple Wanted posters everywhere. Of course.

This begs the question - can I get CPP laminated, and then if I paste a picture in there, would anyone accept that as my driver's license? Because at this point, that's looking like the only reasonable option...

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