Monday, March 22, 2010

The posse grows!

Okay, momentum is building for the Hooters to Hooters half-marathon for 2011. To date:

Kim: I'm in if you're in! Now we just need to come up with creative shirts to wear....

JoJo: Do they check the "authenticity" of the Hooters before allowing you to run? 'Coz I may want to give mine a boost so I don't feel left out!

Oldman: Looking forward to doing the Hooters to Hooters half marathon with you next year!

Clearly, this is just the beginning of a huge groundswell of support and participation, and I predict that as the REAL Hooters girls (and guys), we will own this race. Whatever the hell that means. But I suggest that you jump on the Hooters bandwagon now, less you miss out on this opportunity.

I, for one, to show my dedication to this event, plan on adding a race calendar to the sidebar of this blog, so that everyone can see written in stone (or typed in an easy-to-remove text box) just how serious I am about my athletic endeavors.

So far for 2010-2011 we'll have:

August 2010: Tasha and Stacey's crazy-assed cycling trip in the Alps
March 2011: Hooters to Hooters Half-Marathon

I know.....the mind reels.....

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RP said...

Girl do you even remember how to run? ;>]