Friday, November 5, 2010

The Hall of WTF Part II

Yes, and there may even be a Part III. I have so many WTF entrants that I could pass them around like cheap party favors. So, to continue......

1. Pink ribbon crinkly paper at the plastic surgeon's office!*

Yes, that would be the plastic surgeon who did the breast reconstruction on Alert Reader Rachel, who took a picture of this and sent it in. This would have gone into the Shame category, except that she really likes her doctor - in spite of the fact that they've got this bizarre crinkly paper thing going on, AND all the doctors and nurses wear pink scrubs in the month of Pinktober.

I am befuddled. Do the women going into the breast surgeon's office for post-recon follow-up really need to be made more aware of BC? Is it really possible they'd forget why they're at that particular doctor? "Oh, you know, the new Boobages look so fantastic I forgot that they were chopped off in the first place! My bad!"

I'm thinking....not.

*Miss Tasha's brain is still not at its usual 112%, so apparently I misremembered and it was the BREAST surgeon's office, NOT the plastic surgeon! In other words, a place needing even less the pink-ribboned reminder......

2. Dry cleaning For The Cure

As Faithful Reader T-Odd put it:

"I am all about curing The Cancer even if it means using products that cause cancer because cancer must be cured even if it means causing cancer."

Well said, T-Odd, well said.

3. The Pink Glove Dance thing

I'm sure it's probably just me, but I don't get this. First off, the vision of a lot of medical people dancing around in a not-too-jiggy-with-it manner while wearing pink gloves just strikes me as strange. Especially when they're nurses and technicians and what have you dancing around the operating room - where many of us have been all too often. I don't know, it just doesn't seem befitting to the gravity of the situation. You know, major surgery and all.

Plus I don't get what we're supposed to be made aware of. There's another video with a whole slew of Texas cheerleaders getting together - not the cheerleaders who look like they're doing a porn dance routine, but cheerleaders from over the years, all getting back together to do a cool dance using pink pompons and such. That's cool because it's well-choreographed and artistic. This pink-gloved shuffling around in scrubs - hmm. Just not seeing it.

3. Garden gnome, by Original PV


4. Other random household and musical objects, also by Original PV

Scissors? A tambourine?? Really folks, we're just looking around and throwing a pink ribbon on whatever our eyes land upon, aren't we now.......

5. Bizarre pink bear robot

I don't know what this is either, but I think it proves my last point.

6. Medical stuff, by Natalie Gordon

The sparkly pink-beribboned sling and the pink rollator (as they call it) are bad enough. "Hey, so your bones are snapping underneath you because your BC has metastasized to your bones, but here's a pink-beribboned walker for you! Neat, huh?"

Yeah, that puppy would go flying out the window right quick.

But then there's this, the "Slanket Blanket with Sleeves." Which is annoying because isn't that just a whole bunch of redundancies right there? After all, what is a "slanket" but.....a blanket with sleeves!

Plus this charlatan of a website selling this crapola has a big announcement at the top of the page that "A portion of the proceeds will go to breast cancer awareness!" But there's no info anywhere on the website about how much or to whom. So basically the company is throwing a party for its employees, with someone walking around saying "Hey, be aware of breast cancer! Here's a discount coupon for our Slanket Blanket with Sleeves!"

Very shady, folks, very shady.

(to be continued)

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Dee said...

what's the purse-like medical thingy a colostomy bag?