Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pinkapalooza cont. - the Hall of WTF

Oh, this is a category with SO many entrants! Certainly, there are things that can do double-duty in either the Hall of Shame or in WTF. But while these are astonishing in and of themselves, they don't quite have that underlying edge of "what were you assholes thinking?", hence their placement here.

Okay, enough blather. Onward.

1. Goddess of Love jeans

"This pair of Denim for Immortality Jeans come with pink Swarovski crystals on the back pockets. The price tag is $229 and fifty percent of the purchase will go to the the Young Survival Coalition."

Okay, it's great that they're donating money to YSC, my people, but.....$229? As in, not one of us with bills from, say, cancer, could actually afford these?

The name kind of sucks too. Immortality? We'd be happy to make it into something resembling a golden year.

2. Speed bumps For The Cure

".....a campaign that draws a parallel between the bumps felt on breasts and the road bumps. A sign is placed after the pink-striped road bump with the message “Felt the bump? Have your breasts checked” and the hospital name."

I....I...oh, never mind. Just, never mind. Picture me shaking my head here.

3. The ugliest hat in creation, For The Cure

"It’s nice to see that fashion designers are joining celebrities such as Christina Applegate, Amy Winehouse and Jennifer Aniston in spreading awareness and raising funds for breast cancer. Renowned hat designer Philip Treacy has created a special hat, The Pink Knot Hat, in support of Breast Cancer Care in collaboration with Selfridges’ Pinkridges campaign.

The stylish Pink Knot Hat uses the trademark breast cancer pink ribbon in a “fuchsia pink fly away bow.”"

Seriously? I mean, it's not just me, right? This thing is insanely ugly, yes?

Yeah, I didn't think it was just me.

4. Kinky Crochet for Cancer

"Shannon Gerard sells crocheted boobs and penises that have little lump inside to teach the public how to check their private parts for cancer. Called Early Detection Kit, it contains either a boob or a penis and an accompanying booklet that teaches men and women how to perform monthly self-examinations."

The crocheted peni are called "dinks" btw, in case you were wondering. I know you were.

5. The pink stenograph For The Cure, by Lisa Mala

Yep, a stenograph, i.e. one of those machines used by court reporters. In court. For trials and depositions.

Somehow I can't really imagine someone rolling this puppy into the court to take down testimony for, say, a grisly murder trial.....but hey, what do I know? Maybe that'll just help the victim's family feel more Hopeful and Inspired.

6. The airport terminal For The Cure, by Kristin Fanczalski

Another early front-runner, and who can blame me? Kristin took these photos at the American Airlines counter at O'Hare, braving the strange looks people were giving her. Or maybe they too were looking askance at the disco ball hanging from the ceiling (whee, cancer! Par-tay time!), or the pink ribbon wreath that looks a bit funereal, or maybe just ALL the decorations that truly look like the people who did this were on heavy heavy medication. Or drugs. Or both.

7. Rubber duckies, by faithful ST reader Original PV

I don't get these ducks. At all. One has a pink eye patch, another has a pink ribbon and eye decorations, the third is pink with flowers. Okay, I kind of like that one - but I still dont' get it.

8. Skeevy lid collecting, where alert reader Don goes for PT

Okay, it's yucky enough that an individual would collect those yucky little lids and throw them in all their stickiness into an envelope - but here, does that duty fall to someone who works there? "So, umm, hey Peter, I'm going to need you to come in this weekend to wash off all these lids that random people have licked, dry them, then send them off to the Yoplait people for mere pennies. You don't mind, right."

9. A truck for.....something, For The Cure, by tigerchik

I have no idea what this truck is about, or what they're delivering. but they're in pink, so I guess that makes it okay.

10. Bubblewrap For The Cure

I include this here because I'm annoyed that everyone saw the damn Pink Bubblewrap but me! J'accuse! What the hell would one use this for anyway? "Hmm, I'm going to wrap this little knit cap that I made for Sharon, to put on her bald head after chemo, in this cheerful pink ribbon bubble wrap paper. You know, to remind her to Fight! And to Be Aware!"

To be continued....


Lisa Grey said...

Tasha, I'm LMAO! Seriously???? A duck covered in eyeballs is going to lead to THE CURE?

Love the blog :)

Don said...

The pink truck is most likely a propane carrier, but may be a natural gas carrier.
Does that pink lid make my fingers look fat?