Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conversations with Cori

Or should I say, text messages. For I can say that just as The Cheese Stands Alone, so too does Cori, my fellow CancerChick, in her unwavering devotion to the Pinkishness. For the entire month of

Pinktober. I should know, because I had to keep deleting messages and pictures from my new POS cell phone, as it got full with one text after another. Which is a beautiful thing, in our little land of Pinktober.

It began thusly:

Cori: Pix won’t come out but just saw bubblewrap for the cure.

How appropriate – that Cori’s first text to me was about the eponymous bubblewrap, at that mecca of all things Pink, Walmart.

And so it went. Day after day after day.

Cori: At walmart - you can also get pancakes apples and even underwear for the cure.

Cori: In borders, coffee for the cure

Cori: Kind of pissed. I saw a sign that October is physical therapy month. Ahh, no, get out of my month.

Cori: Dollar section at Target. Platic visor. Notepad shaped like ribbon. Socks with ribbon. Post-its.

Cori: So today is my b-day. So far pink ribbon socks, tee shirt, birthday card and even pink ribbon diamond earrings. I think my family sits around thinking thank god she got cancer so I know what to get her

Cori: Saw a whole bakery case of pink donuts and cookies

Cori: Okay dan’s jouirnal said October is chiropractic awareness month. Oh, I don’t think so.

Once in a while I try to chime in with my own pathetic findings.

Me: Kitty litter for the cure!

Cori: Oh, like cats give a shit

Cori: Omg no way! Gum with pink ribbons on them!

Cori: Got you some, and 10% can save lives!

Cori: I saved like 10 lives.

Cori: Just ate two pieces of gum for the cure.

Cori: Digital sign at painters union – October is all about the pink. God damn right it is, mister.

Cori: No shit sister. They should call blackhawks.

Cori: No shit, walmart has a line of for the cure tee shirts. Like with a dove. Aren’t doves for death and funerals?

Cori: And they restocked the gum. they really care.

Cori: You know my new motto? If you aren’t with us, you’re against us.

And of course, there are pictures interspersed with all of this, as Cori diligently prowls the shops of Aurora with her camera.

Cori: Cupcakes and a chocolate cookie for the cure

Cori: And it doesn’t even promise money to anyone – just smacked on a pink ribbon

Cori: At walmart, and planning peter’s bday

Cori: Sorry, no spongebob cake for you, peter. Pink ribbon time.

Cori: Tried to convince Peter to not have a sponge bob cake for his birthday party. That we should buy up the whole line of cheery pink ribboned cupcakes and cakes at Walmart for his party. Little shit really doesn't care about the cure bc he wasn't having any of it.

Cori: Wouldn't even go for the giant chocolate chip cookie with the hot pink ribbon on it. Attractively displayed in the white walmart case.

Cori: I believe his exact words were 'I'm having a sponge bob party not a cancer party'.

Cori: See, we are dropping like flies. Why? Because no one cares.

Kids these days. Really, could they be any more selfish?

Cori: Just bought coffee at 7-11, cup for a cause. No shit – savings peeps and waking up all at once.

Me again, with the enfeebled bleatings:

Me: I just got a pink donut for the cure at the new deli/bake shop!

Cori: I suppose since that’s all your neighborhood has to offer. Not very for the cure, are they?? People will be dropping like flies.

Cori: They love us at Walmart – candy for the cure. (accompanied by picture of Dove chocolates For The Cure)

Cori: Okay, want to know what I fucking love? Bread company for the cure, right? So they have a picture of model with headscarf, supposed to be BC patient. Except she has fucking hair.

Cori: It’s like I hit the motherlode

Cori: Art supplies for kids for the cure.

Cori: Okay, so there is a guy from the Lions club shaking people down as they exit walmart. Seriously guy? We are trying to cure people here.

Cori: Omg I bought us the dove chocolates for next week, and get this!! There are inspirational messages inside the wrappers!

Cori: Okay, this is the iphone ipad breast cancer app. For 1.99 you can have pink ribbons on your ipad or iphone.

Cori: Combined with pink case. Now that is support, lol.

Cori: I am off to another store

Cori: Inspiration message – believe in yourself believe in your future.

Cori: Oh and ps, pudgy and kona are really leaving us high and dry.

Cori: What am I supposed to do with an inspirational message that’s in Spanish?

(Cori sends picture of an “All About Pink” decorated cake at Walmart. And then another cake, which says “In celebration of:..” where you then write someone’s name on it. Does Komen know that Walmart is using their Special Patented Pink Ribbon on their cakes??)

Cori: Okay, so I was at outlet mall and it was pinked out including balloons, pink shirts in all the windows. Oh, Aurora wants the cure.

Cori: Greeting card…pink bra on it….I am with you every step of the way.

Cori: Just was given pink umbrella for the cure!

More texts about all the Pinkishness in Aurora. And then…THEN….the coup de grĂ¢ce:

Cori: Michigan is for the cure. Starbucks has ribbon bagel and cookie.

WHAT???? MICHIGAN has not only all the Pinkishness via the Detroit Red Wings’ Fuck Cancer game, but now Starbucks is in on it too? Et tu, Starbucks, et tu? This is almost too much to bear.

And clearly, if Cori hadn’t already won for her Caring Pears, well……..


Debbie said...

OMG I'm really missing out by not texting with Cori. Gotta get to know that girl better! Thanks for the laughs.

Anonymous said...

Cori makes me wish I still lived in IL. I think she would be SO much FUN to hang out with!!!


Diane said...

Awww thanks for using the pink boa pic.