Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best line of the Olympics

Said by a commentator during the Closing Ceremonies, apparently in all seriousness:

"And the always enjoyable.......giant inflatable beavers!"

Classic. Simply classic.


RP said...

FYI, nada to do with the Olympics, tho I should be watching the closing ceremonies, which are p'bly on right now...doh! I received a flyer to a running event up north a of their sponsers was The Beaver Med Practice. Like how cool would that be to say I work for the Beavers....hahahhahaha! I know, I'm sick...just shoot me now. :-)

t-odd said...

Friend of mine went to Bemidji State University. Home of the Fighting Beavers. Every year they go up for Beaver Pride weekend. You know, to show pride in their Beavers.