Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh. My.

For some crazy reason I signed up to get updates from BCBS (aka the Emissaries of Satan) online, so that I would know immediately just how much they’re trying to screw me over. That way it’s not quite as heart-stopping when I get the stacks of bills in the mail.

So today I got their typical email that they send when something has happened, a claim processed or denied, or on rare occasions, paid. (Hallelujah chorus!) I figured what the hell, I’ll take a look, I’m sure the fun is beginning for the bills for the Rackotomy, might as well get used to it now. I look and see the charge for $2,232, for the 18th (Surgery Day), and think wow, have boob job prices really gone down that much? That seems pretty low, especially for the work of Dr. Neil Fine, PS to the Stars and all. So I click on the button that says “more information.” And gasp.

Because that’s just the cost of the anesthesia. Holy crap.

My next thought is – hmm, my anesthesiologist was kind of cute. And he did play hockey. Single? Hmm......


the infertile breeder said...

Did they even give you the option to have the surgery without anesthesia? Given your hearty peasant heritage, this should have been an obvious consideration.

UG said...

I had to take a non-life threatening trip to the ER last night and was given the initial interview by an anthesiology (sp?) resident. He was at least 15 years younger than me and NOT really cute. Sounds like you got lucky.