Sunday, February 21, 2010

More things I don't understand

Okay, so ice dancing is an easy target. Quite frankly, I didn’t understand why all the comments from friends on FB were so negative towards ice dancing….until I realized that the Olympics people were torturing us on a Friday night with the compulsory part. Where you have the couples skating in circles to the same damn music, which stops halfway through the song. This is supposed to be entertaining….how, exactly? And I happen to like skating.

Though with the men’s skating, guys – I get that you’re kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place as far as what to wear is concerned. Given that you’ll be mocked regardless, you might as well go with the Johnny Weir style of getup, with the pink tassels and glitter – it’s like he’s skating For the Cure or something, and he’s so over the top that it’s most excellent. But the guy from Italy wearing the overalls? Or the Overalls of Doom, as noted in one article? No.

So where was I....oh yeah, things I don’t understand. And mind you, there aren’t many. But here I am watching the Olympics, and I have to wonder – don’t the commentators ever hear themselves speak, hear the words coming out of their mouth and how completely inane they are? As faithful reader Molly noted, it’s bad enough when you’re at a hockey game and some nimrod sitting behind you is yelling “Shoot the puck!!” when there are 4 people in front of the net and no way in hell the shot would go in.

But the ice skating. And the commentators who, again, should know better. Regaling us with such scintillating “insider” info such as:

  • “Well, if he wants to win a medal, it’s really critical that he land his jumps.”


  • “A clean program is key here! With solid landings! And no falls!”

I mean seriously, what are we all, retarded? Even the most neophyte of observers could figure that stuff out. Honestly, one of these days I want one of the commentators to “go rogue,” as it were, and say something like the following: “Okay, so if he can really nail the hip swivels, work that sparkle on his costume, and blow a few kisses at the end, I really think that’s what the judges are looking for, especially with the men’s long program.”

Would that really be THAT difficult??

And can I say, curling is NOT A SPORT!!! Anything that uses fricking squeegees as part of the activity is NOT a sport!

And on one final note, Deanna and I are getting ready to leave for the airport, with a big storm supposedly moving into Chicago just when we would be hitting town. And the ice dancing finals are on tv tonight. Hmm. Potentially stuck at airport, ice dancing on tv. This seems like a converging of apocalyptic events. Stay tuned.


Molly said...

LOL! Again, i have to agree about the commentators. Some days it is just painful. On the hockey front, I think Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick might actually come to blows before these Olympics are over. Have you *seen* how nasty they are getting with each other?

RP said...

Good thing I watched Kat Vonn D eps tonite after work instead of the Ice Dancing. I'm really bummed, BIG time that I missed Shaun White's Gold medal run...damn Sam!!

natakie said...

ha! I had a similar rant about the commentators over the weekend but it fell on deaf ears :(

We were watching some long distance "classic" ski race that was about 18 miles (or km?), you know, a nice round number. About a mile into the race, one of the commentators noted that the front-runner, who had *maybe* a 5 yard lead on the pack, had the medal "in his back pocket". Um, kind of early in the race for those types of predictions, dontcha think?

Sure enough, less than a mile later, there were at least a dozen other guys ahead of him...*sigh*

rainbosports said...

Here's your ice dancing primer for today: Compulsory dance is all ice dance teams do two patterns of the same dance steps to the same music with different intro and exit steps. It starts the competition with everyone on a level playing field which then separates the men from the boys. Original dance is a themed dance that each team picks their own music and steps--this year it was a folk dance. The ISU picks the theme for the year. Free dance is where dance teams go apeshit with music and costume and choreography.

As a figure skater who does ice dancing, I was somewhat suprised they showed compulsory dance on TV. They never do for Nationals or Worlds. It is pretty boring.

Missy said...

I want to know what those curling ladies do in the offseason. Because I definitely have a few floors that need tending to...