Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun with travel, cont.

The hotel

We get in, late, and like any concerned mother, I’m immediately fretting about how Kona is doing in his new environment, i.e. Gary’s house. Yes, he knows Gary from the dog beach and from having him at our house, but still. So like the crazy person that I am, I email Kristi to see how Kona is coping – and get a very illustrative picture in return. To which I can only say – rough life…..

Speaking of email and computers, I have to say that I don’t really understand why people mock the fact that there’s a Gideon’s bible in every hotel room across the U.S. In the first place, that’s pretty damn impressive, that the Gideons have managed to talk every single hotel proprietor, from the 4 Seasons to Jeb’s Restful Log Cabinettes, into putting one of these into each and every room. Marketing geniuses, those Gideons.

And in the second place, that bible is pretty useful, if I do say so myself. Because there I was, tired, weary, stressed, looking for a source of comfort that would make my life just that little bit easier.......and I turn to the nightstand and pull out Gideon’s bible. And indeed, it does offer exactly what I need at that moment.

Because you know, it makes a damn fine mousepad, so my cursor no longer skitters and jumps all over the place as I’m trying to type. This is a beautiful thing. Many thanks to the Gideons.


RP said...

lol..OMG GF! That's about it from here at this time....ROTFLMAO!

t-odd said...

My kids used to LOVE Veggie Tales, but we never saw the one on Gideon. I sound like some sort of bible thumping fundamentalist christian, but I am really just a bad Catholic.