Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I fall to pieces

Okay, not me actually - last weekend Kristen stopped by to try out some bathing suits before her trip to Florida, and of course she brought a treat for The Kone. Yes, we're all just supplicants to His Greatness.

I think the pictures, detailing as they do the lion's journey from jaunty traveler to disembodied parts, tell the tale better than I could:


KristenC said...

Poor little lion didn't stand a chance... it was so fun to watch the destruction though, no one does it like The Kone!

t-odd said...

How did I miss all your posts after "Bizzaro Night"? I need to catch up.

RP said...

man, remind me when I come to visit not to be in Kone's way when he is hungry. :-)

KristenC said...

RP, I think you're safe, unless you're insides are stuffing ;-)