Thursday, December 17, 2009

Al Franken, American hero

So I was having a few 'nogs tonight, relaxing, toodling around on the internets in between catching some of SNL's Christmas skit special and chuckling at the "lost scenes" to It's a Wonderful Life (George Bailey, about Mr. Potter: "hold him down while I kick him, Mare!"). And what should I find, which I liken to Christmas Miracle #2? Something we thought we'd never see in this lifetime?

Yes, it's someone actually having the balls (finally!) to tell Joe Lieberman to just shut up already. Or at least in the Senate, where members of Congress are allowed to pontificate for hours on end, one "honorable" senator after another, this was the equivalent of him being told "hey Joe, STFU, okay?"

The paragon of spinehood who shut this weasely little bastard down was none other than Al Franken. Al, you were great on SNL, and you're even better now. Thank you, from a grateful people (person) who think(s) sniper fire is too good for Joe "Aetna" Lieberman.

By the way, who's the clown who voted for the "brain tumor" option in the fricking poll?? I thought we had agreed that no one would dare jinx me like that! If I *do* have a brain tumor, it'll be on your head, you cretin. And if you win, you won't be getting the Fuck Cancer hat, oh no. No, it'll be the...the.....the plushie brain for you instead. Yeah, that's it. So there!

And for inquiring minds who want to know the status of FBE, no, it's not better. It's gotten worse, actually, and it's driving me a bit over the edge, quite frankly. Hence the nog. I still don't think it's anything other than a mysterious eye ailment, but if that's the case, why can't they figure that out? I mean, what are we, in Ukraine, where the answer to every health problem is some combination of vodka, honey, and raspberry jam? And I'm not even making that up. Though come to think of it, hmm, they might be on to something.....

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Anonymous said...

That made the national network newscast today and I had the same reaction. Go Al!

And this is on the heels of Franken calling out [South Dakota Republican Senator, and lying scumbucket] John Thune, telling him he can have his own opinions but not his own facts. Here's the youtube snippet:

If Franken is any guide, maybe we can do well drafting another comedian to fill Obama's old senate seat here in Illinois.