Friday, December 4, 2009

Still floating on

I woke up abruptly this morning at 6AM with a splitting migraine, which has persisted even as I keep popping my “Dr. Reddy” pills. Now, this company makes the pill that’s a generic for Imitrex, the migraine med I take. Why the hell would they name a company such that it sounds like an old-time huckster selling various tonics and potions? “Step right up here, folks, and learn about Dr. Reddy’s Miracle Tonic, guaranteed to cure shingles, rheumatism, neuralgia, bunions...” etc. I’m just sayin’.

My right eye is still blurry.

And I was thinking about the fact that lately, when I write stuff, I go back later to do a final read and see that I’ve typed.....the totally wrong word somewhere. Not a typo, just the wrong word.

And to totally add to the paranoia, I was trying to organize my medical/health bills/papers/etc. the other day, and I found my original pathology report. Was glancing at it to see if they did any of the more non-standard tumor marker tests or anything. Looked at the pathology: 2.9cm, Grade II-III, infil........wait. What? My tumor was inching over into Grade III territory? Which is NOT good since the grades only go up to a III, and III is on the wrong side of good. Shit.

So given all that, I left a message for my oncologist today, to see if I should be concerned. Note, I still do NOT think that I have a brain tumor. Not really. Not much. Not. At. All.......

By the way, preparations for the first annual FuCHTYP are going along swimmingly. Or they were, until today’s migraine. No matter. To wit:

- The big-ass salmon has been picked up. Yes, that’s what I said when I went to the store (Dirk’s Fishmarket, BEST place in Chicago for fish): “I’m here to pick up the big-ass salmon.”
- The ironic pink ribbon cake decorations have been received.
- I’m looking for an appropriate place to hang the BCBS voodoo doll.
- Mass quantities of Cheez-Its have been purchased. Cheez-Its for everyone!

Come on by! If the house is still a mess, well then, we know who (or what!) to blame, don’t we.......

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Anonymous said...

Tasha, try an audiobook or two on your mp3 player to pass the time while waiting in the (hopefully brief) ocular fog. has a bunch of the classics (read: old enough to have landed in the public domain).

Also handy on a plane or car.