Monday, December 21, 2009

NOT a tuh-mah!

Just got off the phone with Dr. Von Roenn, and while I know this will surprise some (many) of you, she claims there’s nothing wrong with my brain. Whee!

Dr. VR: So the MRI showed that your brain is normal.
Me: Damn!
Me, weakly: Umm, I mean, that’s great news, really. Though I think my friends would argue with you about that.
Dr. VR: Wouldn't all of our friends? It gives proof to the saying, with friends like that....
Me: SO true!
Dr. VR: In any case, I would check with the ophthalmologist again, then plan on seeing a neurologist.
Me: I saw Dr. Grimm before – I guess I could muster up the time to see him again, if I had to (as I mentally start going through my wardrobe, wondering what I could wear for my appointment with him that would scream “a goddess yet approachable”).
Dr. VR: That would be a good idea.
Me: So....there wasn’t any detritus or anything floating around in there as an aftereffect of the bike crash?
Dr. VR: No, nothing like that. Well, there were some areas that looked a bit suspicious that took up more contrast than other areas, so that’s why the test took a bit longer than usual.
Me: What?? But....
Dr. VR, rushing to head me off at the pass, seeing where this might go: ....but that’s unchanged from last year, so it’s nothing for you to be concerned about.

Hmm. So I get good news, but something new to fret over. Are those just the “special” parts of my brain – you know, the ones that speak to my astonishing intelligence – that feel the need to suck up more dye, as fuel or something? Or......

Btw, whoever picked the brain tumor option in the poll, YOU LOSE!!! Hmph, so there. In order to do the poll giveaway in the scientific manner I’m known for, I’ll throw into a hat the names of my blog followers and commenters and the people who I know voted, and will pick one of them at random. Results to follow...

And actually, since I still don’t know what the problem is, I tell you all that when I go in to see Dr. Yang, Eye Doctor to the Stars, tomorrow, I will demand answers to the FBE! Blurry-eyed proletariats of the world, unite!

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Anonymous said... girl really? You are still concerned over areas that absorb more contrast than others, really? STOP IT!!