Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun with polls!

And now for something completely different: a poll! My MBE has now turned into FBE, or Fucking Blurry Eye, because it’s so damn annoying. Seriously, it’s as if it hears its siren song being played, and is stubbornly refusing to go down without a fight. Great, so I’m like the tumor-carrying version of the Titanic, is that it? Though I guess the Titanic actually did sink like a stone, so maybe I’m more like the Alamo. Yeah, that’s it, the Alamo. And the brain tumor is still Dirk Diggler, proclaiming “You are not the boss of me!” in a strident, belligerent voice as often as possible.

So between FBE and the fact that I’m now getting a headache every day, I’ve paranoidly decided that it’s brain tumor central around here, oh yes. But what are the other possibilities? For that I turn to you, my dear elevens of readers. Please note the poll now gracing the left side of the blog. I encourage you to vote early and vote often, as we say around these parts, and the person who comes closest to the correct answer will win something very special, if I can actually figure out who voted for what response. Like I know how these polls work? Please. Otherwise it might just be a random drawing among those who are actual “followers” of my blog, for the chance to win something fun and appropriate. Like, say, your very own Fuck Cancer hat! I know, the mind reels at such munificence.....


t-odd said...

You missed a very important option on your poll. "God is punishing you for something you, your parents or one of your ancestors did and you must start praying hard and heavy immediately and all your troubles will be resolved through prayer." Or something to that effect, but less wordy.

Susan said...

I suspect Uveitis. Eye strain from the blurry vision is also going to increase your headaches. You see a Opthamologist?
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Total BFC (Black Fucking Cloud) action if I've ever seen it, and this is classic nasty black cloud at work. I recommend a complete exorcism by a professional meteorologist. That should be an iPhone app, btw. xoxo Zappaloosa