Friday, December 11, 2009

Brain Tumor Day, whee!

Or rather, what I hope is NOT brain tumor day. Some five weeks now after I first started experienced MBE (Mystery Blurry Eye), I’m finally seeing my oncologist today to see if we can rule out some things. Like the aforementioned brain tumor. And, say, an aneurysm. Because yes, MBE is still in full force, and it’s annoying as hell. It would probably be slightly less annoying if we ruled out the major stuff, but as it stands now, it’s there as a constant reminder that something could be Seriously Wrong, like the little Blur of Doom, a harbinger of bad things to come. Or not. Hopefully not.

Anyway, I’m not saying that I’m looking forward to this oncologist appointment or anything – it’s just a coincidence that I’m coming in with a homemade fruitcake for my favorite (at least for today) doctor, Dr. Von Roenn. Oncologist to the stars and all that. Well, doctor to me at least.

By the way, I did a little investigating and discovered, to no one’s great surprise, that Dr. Reddy’s is an Indian pharma company that GlaxoSmithKline, the makers of the real Imitrex, has been battling as Dr. Reddy’s has started cranking out its useless generics. Indian pharma, hmm. Gee, I wonder why those pills didn’t work at all. Can we say “quality control issues” much?

Habib: I do not know why this medicals machine is not working. Joe, what do you think?
“Joe”, from customer service, moonlighting in production: I do not know either. But many of my distributors, they tell me about their problems, that our soft-ware it “crashed” their computer when they try to load it down. Perhaps the medicals machine it has crashed?
Habib: But I did not knock it over or fall it down.
“Joe”: Look here, this machine that makes the mints for our sister company in Bangalore, it is working. We will just move productions over of these headache pills.
Habib: That will take a lot of times.
“Joe”: No times at all. See, we just move the labels over so now we are labeling these correctly.
Habib: You mean the mints as the headache medicals.
“Joe”: Yes, this is what I mean. This is correct because these pills are white and the mints are white. It is like our wise god Ganesh has blessed us with this solution.
Habib: Ganesh is indeed all-knowing and wise. Yes, I am enthusiastical about this solution!

God help us all.........


t-odd said...

That was the greatest conversation between to made up Indian factory workers I have ever read. I was even able to imagine the accent.

Keep us "abreast" of you MBE and other situations.

Stay warm!

Roadie in Vancouver said...

I just realized today that its actually easier to get illegal drugs than the supposedly legal ones. I bet you could get crack, heroin, ecstasy or any one of those much faster than the drugs your own doctor prescribes.