Thursday, December 24, 2009

Was this necessary?

Okay, so before I get to the fascinating saga of How Tasha Almost Got Herself Arrested, I just have to note something I read in the paper yesterday, something that makes me wonder who exactly the Sun-Times has writing some of their columns.

To wit: it's an article about some local mobster's "holiday dinner," as he got approval from a judge to lose the house arrest for one night and go to dinner at a fancy seafood and crab house downtown. So far so good. They give the background and say ".....what reputed Cicero mob boss Michael 'The Large Guy' Sarno did." Okay, still fine. Not the most clever or original of nicknames, but whatever.

Then, in a later paragraph:

"Sarno, also dubbed 'Fat Ass' by some colleagues, has denied any wrongdoing...."

Seriously? "Also dubbed 'Fat Ass'"?? God forbid they should include those kinds of "nicknames" in every article. "Casey Moll, also dubbed 'Bitchwhore' by her former landlord" or "Katherine Hart, also dubbed 'Deadbeat Con-Artist' by all the many people she's scammed money out of" etc. Actually, that would be kind of interesting.

But if I ever get my name in the paper again or in print in general, let's just state here and now that NO nicknames should be included. Because really, that would then be an insanely long article, and I don't think we need that kind of deforestation in the world, m'kay? Global warming is bad enough as it is.

Fat ass indeed......