Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guard Dog

Yesterday I was in the backyard with my uber-awesome tenant Kathleen, chit-chatting about this and that, and Kona was bounding around tearing up what’s left of the lawn as usual, guarding the perimeter against the evil squirrels and such. When suddenly, he stopped, looked up, and began barking furiously, jumping up and down, clearly in a frenzy. What could have garnered such a response? A rabid hawk? A flying Ninja? A falling chunk of blue ice??

A chickadee.

Yes, a ferocious chickadee, obviously plotting our collective demise as we stood there so innocently.

So in honor of Kona and all the other dogs who are fiercely protecting us from things we didn’t even know were a danger, this is for you. The rest of us may never look at a cricket the same way again.

Guard Dog

Note: Sorry about the ad at the beginning of the clip - this was the only way I found to post the whole cartoon rather than just a short clip. As you'll see though, it's worth it...


RP said...
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RP said...

k, it's late, tho maybe I can spell correct this time.

That DOG looked like my friend's pug...very much so.

I "thought" the S-Q-U-I-R-R-E-l was going to dump down that guy's mouth...damn!!

I know sick N humor or nursing humor, eh?