Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not on MY watch

So I grudgingly went today to the birdfood store, to get some more seed for the little chirping, tweeting hooligans who have for some reason invaded my backyard and its 9 birdfeeders. And since the store was right next to a Foodstuffs, I figured I’d go in and see what food I couldn’t eat, and maybe pick up something for The Kone, who was having surgery on his leg and thus had to (gasp!) forego his morning scone. I know, I know….

Anyway, I walk in and lo, what’s this? A table of cookies from their bakery – but not just any cookies. BLACKHAWKS cookies. What fresh hell is this, I think to myself. Here they’re trying to trap me into innocently buying a Hawks cookie, thereby doing something different and thereby jinxing the team and thus being responsible for their tanking in the Stanley Cup finals. I saw this all unfolding before me – the shame, the scorn, the disdain I’d be subjected to, as an entire city made its displeasure with me known. So of course, much like the Hawks and the Campbell trophy, I refused to even touch the Blackhawks cookies. No way, I thought. No sirree. You are NOT pinning this on me, if they don’t win.

Kona got the smiley face cookie instead. Disaster duly averted.

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