Monday, May 31, 2010

Sometimes, it's good to be a goddess....

Let’s recall that Saturday, after five torturous days of no petite scones, I finally put my foot down rather menacingly. In other words, I made the Sad Cancer Face and spoke of The Kone’s crushing disappointment, day after day. As I said, menacing.

So yesterday I walk into Starbucks, apprehensive but confident, cautious yet optimistic, sunny yet dour. My eyes dart to the pastry case, but before I can even say anything, it begins:

Doug: The scone is back!
Wayne: We have petite scones!
Chuck: Look! Did you see the scones?

Before I can even utter a word, a petite scone has been carefully selected, placed in a bag, and handed over with an air of solemnity as befitting the occasion. I then take the opportunity to talk to Manager Dave, who hadn’t been in this week as the Scone Travesty was taking place.

Me: I see the Kone scone is back!
Dave: Yeah, I hear there were problems.
Me, gravely: Hmph, were there ever……
Dave: The issue is that our current distributors are on their way out, so they’re not really motivated to do things right.
Me: Like make sure there’s a Kone scone every day.
Dave: Exactly. There have been all kinds of things going wron….
Me: So what you’re saying is that Starbucks axed this distributor because of their casual and insolent attitude towards Kone’s scones?
Dave: Well, I’m sure that was on…..
Me, continuing: An issue that they probably read about on my little blog that’s sweeping the nation?
Dave: I can’t really say tha….
Me, conspiratorially: Oh, that’s okay, I understand you can’t divulge such things. (wink) It’ll be our little secret, the influence of The Kone in all major Starbucks’ decisions.
Dave: But I don….
Me, as I traipse out the door to deliver to Kone his scone: Not to worry, lips sealed! Toodles!

I tell you, while it’s not always easy being me, at times there are rewards…..

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