Monday, October 4, 2010

Conversations with BCCF Cori

That would be Best CancerChick Friend, of course.

So I’ve put the word out that we all need to be vigilant in our search for the “best” pinkishness stuff out there, and Cori has taken those words to heart, texting me at every turn when she comes across something appropriate. To wit:

Cori: Pix won’t come out but just saw bubblewrap for the cure.

Me: Damn! Where?

Cori: Walmart. You can even get pancakes, apples and even underwear for the cure.

Me: I try to boycott Walmart, but if it’s For The Cure…..oh, what to do…..

Cori: In Borders – coffee for the cure.

Shit. Cori is trumping me for sure. Luckily, I have to stop at CVS to get some ice for a party, and as I idly glance around, what do I spot? I text Cori right away.

Me: Pink ribbon car air freshener!

Cori: You might be winning.

Me: Nah, you’ve got me beat on quantity.

Cori: Kind of pissed. Saw a sign that October is physical therapy month. Ahhhh, no. Get out of my month!

Me: WTH? Hello, Pinktober much? The nerve!

And later….

Cori: Dollar section at Target. Plastic visor. Notepad shaped like ribbon. Socks with ribbon. Post its.

As the day winds down, it definitely appears that Cori has won out. I clearly need to get out more, or at least get out of my communist neighborhood, where the stores don’t believe in the Pinkapalooza that is October, and the accompanying opportunities for marketing any and all kinds of schlock.

The next morning, however, there I am off to the dog park with Kona, and I see something that I had heretofore just read about, but never actually seen. Furious texting ensues….

Me: Pink Chicago taxicab!!

Cori: How do I beat that?

Me: Pink garbage truck maybe?

Or rather, that’s what I mean to type, but my stupid new cell phone that I got to replace the one that died basically sucks, as it randomly sends messages without waiting until I’m done, and somehow doesn’t let me change from insta-word to regular mode, so I wind up sending things like “Pink garbage tri….” Cori knows what I mean though.

Cori: So today is my bday – so far pink ribbon socks, t-shirt, birthday card and even pink ribbon diamond earrings.

Cori: I think my family sits around thinking thank god she got cancer so I know what to get her….

Cori: Oh, I forgot the pink Kitchenaid. Which is funny bc I really don’t cook!

Cori wins.

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