Sunday, October 17, 2010

So much Pinkishness, so little time….

I am now realizing that I could bedeck my entire home – nay, my entire life – with Pink For The Cure stuff…..and I’d still not have enough room for all this crap. I mean, inspiring tangible messages of Hope.

But because there’s not enough bandwidth in the whole inter-nets for me to put up all the pictures of stuff, and then add my own commentary to boot, for this post I’m just going to throw up a bunch of pics, so that you too can marvel at the bounty that awaits those searching for The Cure. At least as far as buying The Cure is concerned. Or eating – let’s not forget that for this month of Pinktober, I’m eating nothing but Pinkishness foods in hopes of being cured by the end of the month.

Let’s just say that I’m in no danger of starving.

One other note I should mention here in terms of the contest – and this is very important. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am not above being bribed. This is not a democracy here, people. There will be no common vote. I decide who wins the Fuck Cancer hat. Yep, send me free stuff and it is just amazing how quickly you can move up in the standings.

Hence why Dr. Fine’s office and their Glowsticks For The Cure are top 5 in the “Hall of Fame” category – because every time I go there, they keep heaping pink glowsticks on me. And who wouldn’t like that?

So Jen H-S and little Harmonee, I’m talkin’ to you. Oh, and Jennifer P., you and your awesome gift (which I have to take a picture of) are already way up there.

I’m just sayin.’

So, behold today’s collage of awesome Pinkishness! There will be more to come later – that’ll be the stuff that begs for commentary, and so it shall be….


t-odd said...

For the love of God will this month never end!? (Wait, I just wrote that where everyone can read it, didn't I?)

I meant to say, "Oh, why does this month of pinkishness ever have to end? If we had just a little more pink, I know we could find The Cure."

Love the pink ice.

D said...

I'm sure it comes as no surprise, but you had me at the zamboni.

Ultragrrl said...

I'll make a special trip to the gas station just for you.